It has taken us centuries of thought and mockery to shake the medieval system; thought and mockery here and now are required to prevent the mechanists [technocrats] from building another.

Dora Russell,* The Right to Be Happy (1927), preface. (*see sidebar)

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

A Brief Q&A at the Club House in Rome

(with a nod to CS Lewis: The Screwtape Letters)

Q: Why is this cancel culture revolution taking so ______, _____ long?
A: We miscalculated the enemy's redundancy.

Q: Have you also miscalculated how short my ______ patience is?
A: No, no. It's just that the remaining 10% are so obtuse.

Q: NO. It is you who is obtuse. What have I said about democracy — about rights and freedoms?
A: They are our third best weapon after hate and fear.

Q: And how are you weaponizing rights and freedoms?
A: Just like you said: Pushing, confusing, inverting them past the point of absurdity.

Q: Then what?
A: Then everyone goes into fear and hate mode — into perfect confusion and chaos.

Q: Then what?
A: Then everyone cries out for a return to order — for a savior — for you.

Q: So what are you planning?
A: Brainstorm more absurdity. It's quite fun, you know — this mocking of democracy.

Q: Mocking democracy! Did you think that up yourself? I like the rhythm of it.
A. OH, NO, no. I don't think for myself. I'm pretty sure I first heard it from you.

Q: Yes, of course, undoubtedly. ... Anything else?
A: No, no. Not now. I'll show myself out.