It has taken us centuries of thought and mockery to shake the medieval system; thought and mockery here and now are required to prevent the mechanists [technocrats] from building another.

Dora Russell,* The Right to Be Happy (1927), preface. (*see sidebar)

Saturday, March 30, 2024

If X* Were Plotting the End of Chaotic Freedom

(or had an overactive “novel” imagination (like Moc?) triggered by history, false-flags, provocateurs, cabals, combines, odd coincidences, Amalickiah1 / Nimrod2 types, a unique solar eclipse, etc., etc.)

Yes, if X were an evil plotter (wishing to cancel or X rights and freedoms), X would have started decades ago to set-up the perfect recruiting and grooming school to capture wanna-be elites, like, I don’t know – maybe like young global influencers / leaders / shapers, et al.3 Then X would elevate them to high offices in government, industry, law, medicine, media, military, education, churches, etc., etc., etc. X would appeal to their best natures and aspirations, offering amazing opportunities on a need-to-know basis. Once a sufficient number were captured by idealism or honey-potted for service,4 X would do a conjoined Milgram-Zimbardo5 experimental variant to test its (gender neutral / inclusive) global powers, like, I don’t know – maybe like a fear-driven global plandemic. Once X saw how successfully deceptive and divisive it proved (as a primer and predictor for “greater” things to come), X would scan the cosmos for a sign to move on to the next step. And weirdly, as if on cue, X might see how an x might mark the spot6 (the nation?) where “greater” things could begin in earnest.

That’s when X might roll-out its simulated event in dramatic fashion:
▪ by hyping the path of the 2024 X-leg of a total solar eclipse: “Once in a lifetime! Longest solar total blackout in ages! Don’t miss out! Protect your eyes! Join the jocund crowds!”7
▪ by inviting global media, enhanced police / military, and ppe-prepped medics to be on hand, just in case ... of something unexpectedly expected;
▪ by secretly dispersing its newest gain-of-function, fast-acting, mortal variant along miles of jovial eclipse gazers while X-aide monitors the elites’ betting board for the first to fall ill and where. (There are other catastrophic options8 but X's preference would, undoubtedly,  be for the mortal variant as fear would immediately explode from local to global — like maybe Plandemic 02!);
▪ by hyping, with 24/7media streaming, the confused, terrified chaos of both real and simulated victims and witnesses;
▪ by feeding frenzy and fear 24/7 with the assist of pundits, prognosticators, and experts;
▪ by deflecting questions and suspicions with cosmic speculations;
▪ by calling on emergency, airport hospitals located in places distant from the solar event9;
▪ by miraculously discovering, within hours, days, or weeks, an (off-label?) vaccine, pill, or medicine that “cures” the “fatality” (along with vax hesitancy);
▪ by endlessly streaming the global queue lines as terrified, narrative-02 believers clamour for the “cure” while X-aide monitors the elites’ betting board to see whether obedience to the mandated “cure” exceeds the Milgram-experiment percentage, and what percentage of narrative-02 believers hate-speech non-believers;
▪ by presenting the “cure” inventor / scientist as the savior of mankind while X watches the “cure” begin its intended work.
Doesn’t this all sound like a really novel idea for a novel? or novel event?

P.S.: Or maybe the cosmic God has a different novel idea in the wings (or not).

* X Disclaimer: Some entity not called Elon or Musk! or invented or created by him.

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