It has taken us centuries of thought and mockery to shake the medieval system; thought and mockery here and now are required to prevent the mechanists [technocrats] from building another.

Dora Russell,* The Right to Be Happy (1927), preface. (*see sidebar)

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Awake to Nwoke!

When one is awake to nwoke,1 brilliant ideas can burst full-bud in a matter of hours:

Fine. I'll do it. Introducing Jeremy's Chocolate.
(Daily Wire | March 3, 2023 | 49 sec.)
What corp doesn't deserve this comeuppance for kowtowing to SOD3 activists with their:
▪ appropriated, new “woke” (thus, nwoke) DEI-ology;
▪ global gas-lighting agenda;
▪ inversion and exclusion of diversity / equity / inclusion;
▪ deification of pretense;
▪ historical amnesia;
▪ hypocrisy;
▪ bullying; &
▪ tyranny.
Interesting that “progressive” in 2023 has become “regressive” of all the gains of every marginal group in the past century. Now SOD activists and their sycophants claim the right to censor, malign, and discriminate against any person or group that criticizes or questions their SOD narrative — their turning of all things upside down. Every soul who won't play their SOD game is fair game for destruction as they strew their victim cards along and in every parade route, sport venue, and media landscape.

Interesting, too, that the Greek verb dei stands for “must,” “has to,” “it is necessary” which is the bullying blow-horn of the new, gas-lit dogma: dei-ology. (Another appropriation?4) In the annals of history, every culture that embraced such narcissism soon went the way of die-ology.

Just a heads-up.

1. The phrase “stay woke” had emerged in AAVE [African-American Vernacular English] by the 1930s, in some contexts referring to an awareness of the social and political issues affecting African Americans ( SO:
   a) If woke began with good cause, has it now been appropriated, infiltrated, co-opted, and mutilated to its harm by narcissists and moles?
   b) If the original woke voice has been drowned in a flood of inverted woke, should the inverted woke not get a new, descriptive name, for example: nefarious warlocks of kowtow enforcement (nwoke), being those led by pretenders in and enforcers of make-believe narratives? Or maybe it could mean nuetered-woke.
    c) Could the intent of many “activists” and moles be to mock woke into a final state of rejection and oblivion? a final solution by the ideologues of World Order —WO?
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3. SOD: self-obsessed diva / divo. Genuine dysphorics just want to live their lives without demanding that the world affirm, applaud, and pay bending homage to their choice. They wish to attend social, sports, or other functions in their chosen persona without fanfare and without the narcissistic need to have the entire event and all actors, athletes, and audience roll out the lavender carpet in spectacular welcome, which, by the way, violates every one of their trumpeted mantras: diversity, equity, inclusion. Where is the diversity and equity in excluding everyone who is not SOD in the special recognition and affirmation of their lifestyle? Where is the DEI in their vociferous demands for special privilege and exemption from criticism or challenge or hurt feelings?
Found 101 times in the New Testament, the Greek verb “dei” meant “must,” “has to,” “it is necessary.”